The Boat

The MV John L

mv john lAt a length of 20m, Beam of 5m and Draft of 2m the John L is the largest day boat operating in Scapa Flow, spacious and comfortable with heated changing room and drying facilities to kit up in, and with the very latest in lift designs, you can return to the boat after you dive without any effort.

mv john l day cabinThere is a large day cabin with cooker and hot drinks are freely available throughout the day. The boat is fully equipped with all safety and navigation equipment and has a full MCA code of practice. There are two different O2 medical systems in case of any problems.

mv john l prop guardIt is the only dive boat in Scapa Flow to have a prop guard for extra safety in the water (see picture), a fully functional divers lift is available for use for extra easy of returning to the boat. The main compressor of 24 CFM is engine room mounted to minimize noise levels, there is also a standby 12 CFM compressor, both provide double filtered air to 300 bar if required there is also a large air bank.

mv john lNitrox is available on board and the skippers are both qualified gas blenders. There is also a fresh water tank for rinsing kit, a fully functional ladder to make diving easy, and of course a toilet.

This steel former tug/workboat is an ideal diving boat being a stable platform (no cases of sea sickness ever!) with low free board for easy entry and john lThere is also an experienced extra crewmember to assist you at all times.

We provide - 15lt & 12 lt O2 cleaned 232 bar steel tanks which are din convertible and A clamps, air, weights, weight belts, all-inclusive. Onboard nitrox is available at a small additional cost for those who are qualified to use it. Manifolded twin 12 litre O2 clean tanks can be hired from the Diving Cellar.


The Skippers

All of our Skippers have full board of trade and MCA Skipper's tickets and are qualified Nitrox blenders and of course have a wide knowledge of all Orkney waters, especially Scapa Flow.


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"Hi Leigh and Dougie

Thank-you for a fantastic week up in Scapa. We all came back thoroughly exhausted which is always a sign of a good holiday! We had a really good snorkel with the seals in Farne aswell which really topped the week off nicely.
Thanks once again
Emily Denyer
Kingston University, London"


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