What experience do you need to dive Scapa Flow??

As a rule of thumb, we say that divers should have a minimum 40 logged dives with experience in cold water & at depth (35m+) to make the most of diving here.

Is it essential to dive nitrox?

No, but many divers do for added safety, but you will be perfectly fine on air. Those wishing to dive on nitrox must be certified.

Is it possible to fly into Orkney??

Yes, the airport is "Kirkwall", we will pick you up & deliver you back  there.

Do you need to dive in a dry-suit?

No, you can dive in a thick semi-dry, if you get changed as soon as you come out of the water & hang your suit to dry in the heated changing room on the boat, it should be warm & dry again for the 2nd dive.

How cold is the water?? (or how warm is is!)

There is a little change throughout the year, from about 4C in mid- winter to 12C in summer, phew, positively balmy.

Do we need to bring sleeping bags??

No full bed linen &towels are provided, but you may wish to bring a towel for the boat.

When is the best weather in Orkney?

If I could answer that one, I would be a millionaire! It's certainly not January or February, but the weather between April & October is normally fine for diving. The John L is a very stable diving platform & being the biggest day boat in Scapa Flow, it is very rare we lose a day's diving to weather unlike the other small day boats.

Can lunch be provided?

Yes, this season we are offering filled rolls, homemade soup & home bakes for lunch if required. These are delivered to the boat, just let us know if you would like them.



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"Many thanks to the team.
It was a great week with sun and amazing dives
Ludo from the Froggy’s dive team"

"Thoroughly enjoyed this place – lots of history, diving and this time the weather did us some favours.
Thanks to all the crew both aboard & ashore
Pete B, Bath BSAC"

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